Repairs & Maintenance

roofing repairs & Maintenance

If you want your roof to last a lifetime and to continue protecting the contents of your home then like any other part of your home you need to take care of it.  If you haven’t had your roof inspected since you bought your home or you are starting to see the signs of damage then it is time to give Texas Roofing VIP a call.  Our team has been providing professional roof repairs on residential and commercial buildings for years now.  Your home is your single biggest investment, let us help you to protect it. 

When minor roof damage is neglected and left to get worse you can find yourself in need of some pretty expensive structural repairs.  Allowing water to get into your home through leaks in the roof can cause the wood to rot, erode the foundation and even leave you with mold in your home.  Timely roof repairs allow you to avoid all of that and save you a fortune in the long run.  Don’t let minor problems become major expenses. 

If you see any of the following then give us a call:

  • Replace missing or cracked asphalt shingles
  • Correct nail pops
  • Seal and resecure the ridge-vent
  • Reseal or replace the vent pipe collar flashings
  • Reseal the wall and apron flashing
  • Install and/or replace thermostat controlled attic fans
  • Install and/or replace passive vents
  • Provide documented roof inspections for resale
  • Repair damaged siding or wrapping
  • Chimney flashing maintenance

Residential Repairs & Maintenance

Residential roofs need repairs for a variety of reasons even those that are well maintained.  Clogged gutters, high winds, hail, age and even the bright Texas sun can all do damage to your roof over time.  Regardless of how the roof damage happened, Texas Roofing VIP will be there for you providing excellent repair services.  One of our specialist can do a full assessment and offer a detailed report on what needs to be done. 

Commercial Repairs & Maintenance

Commercial roofs are also subject to the same problems as a residential roof like age and weather, but they have additional issues as well.  When new equipment is installed, traffic on your roof or animals deciding to make their homes there can also damage the roof.  While maintenance does help it won’t prevent everything and you may find that you will still need repairs done to your roof.

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